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The bread and butter of what we do. Whether its title insurance, closing and escrow, construction disbursing, land trust or 1031 exchanges, we are here to help.

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The day in and day out of what you do. Whether you need to open escrow, title or both, request a closing date or wiring instructions, we're ready to answer your request.

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Become a CT Attorney Agent

Join the Chicago Title Attorney Agent Program serving the Chicago Metropolitan region and reap countless benefits like a non-exclusive contract, no minimum order requirements, online ordering, and access to an extensive collection of land records.

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Real Estate

Our reference library covers real estate from A to Z. Whether you need more information on title insurance, 1031 property exchanges, or to access our documents or real estate dictionary, we have the scoop for you.

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Attorney Resources

Let us connect you direct to our helpful links. Connect with trade associations, local government, or access helpful documents and links specific to attorneys. Click the link below to visit our virtual resource center designed expressly for attorneys.

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Castle Connect

Examine title immediately, online!

Castle Connect also gives you access to recorded documents in any Chicago Metro County - 24/7. Additionally attorneys can order transfer stamps as well as zoning & water certificates from this same site. Castle Connect is the website for all your closing needs. To get access to Castle Connect, email us by clicking the link below.

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